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Installation Instructions

View, print and/or download Signal Dynamics installation instructions below. Find your product by part number and/or product name and click the link to view pdf instructions.

Brake Light Modules

(Part #01001) Original BackOFF™ Brake Light Module

(Part #01004) BackOFF XP Brake Light Module

(Part #01004) BackOFF XP™ Brake Light Module for DUAL BRAKE LIGHTS

(Part #01009) BackOFF WIG WAG Brake Light Module

(Part #01009) BackOFF WIG WAG™ Brake Light Module for GL1800

(Part #01020) BackOFF Brake Hold Brake Light Module

Voltage Monitor & Dual Load Equalizer

(Part #01050) Head's UP™ Voltage Monitor

(Part #01008) Dual Load Equalizer

Plug & Play™ Headlight Module and Harness Adapters

(Part #01080) Plug & Play™ & Dual H4 Harness Adapter

(Part #01081) Plug & Play™ & Dual H7 European Harness Adapter

(Part #01082) Plug & Play™ & Dual H7 Japanese Harness Adapter

(Part #01083) Plug & Play™ & Single H4 Harness Adapter

(Part #01084) Plug & Play™ & Universal Harness Adapter

Turn Signal & Conversion & System Modules

(Part #01006) Tri-Star™ Turn Signal To Brake Light Conversion Module

(Part #01016) Tri-Star™ XP Turn Signal To Brake and Running Light Conversion Module

(Part #01501) Self-Canceling Turn Signal Module

(Part #01007) Penta-Star™ Complete Turn Signal System

(Part #01017) Penta-Star™ XP Complete Turn Signal and Running Lights System

LED License Plate Frames, Light Bars, and Bullet Lights

(Part #Varies) Universal Wiring Diagram for all LED Light Bars without turn signals

(Part #Varies) Universal Wiring Diagram for all LED Light Bars with turn signals

(Part #Varies) LED Bullet Lights (Base Mount)

(Part #Varies) LED Bullet Lights (Bolt Mount)

(Part #02722/02723) AYN License Plate Frame and Smart Module

Technical Support

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