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Headlight Module

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Unfortunately, the obsolescence of a part has forced us to redesign our headlight module, and the project is taking longer than expected. We have not been shipping headlight module since the end of last year but do expect to have in back in stock by the Fall of 2023. Additionally, we hope to have a LED version available around the same time. Thank you for your understanding.


Our headlight module increases your daytime visibility by modulating your incandescent headlight (think flashing, but not quite..) from 18% intensity to 100% intensity about 4 times per second. When approaching oncoming traffic, your modulating headlight will help you become 10x more visible compared to a standard motorcycle headlight, drastically reducing the risk of potentially fatal collisions involving automobiles. It sounds like it is about time to get a Plug & Play™ Headlight module, right? This module isn't like all the rest you've seen, take a look at the advanced features of a Signal Dynamics Plug & Play™ Headlight Module now!

Don't know what kind of harness you need for your bike? Simply check our Plug & Play Compatibility chart to see if your bike is listed. Is your bike not on our chart? You can determine which harness you need by knowing what type of headlight bulb you have and how many headlights. You can check your bulb type by either looking at your owners manual or looking at the bulb itself. You can check our Plug & Play Compatibility Page to determine which bulb you have. If your bike has anything other than an H4 or H7 blub, or has two bulbs of different types you will need our Universal Harness. 

Please note that this unit is not compatible with LED or HID bulbs.