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LED Headlight Module


Product Description



Our headlight module is designed to increase the daytime visibility of your motorcycle by modulating your bike's existing headlight(s), in order to gain the attention of traffic that may pulling out in front of you, or turning left in front of you. 


Default Function: The Modulator will default to the "modulation on" state any time your motorcycle is started during daylight conditions. It will then modulate either the low or high beam (whichever you have selected) unless you manually switch off the modulation or low lighting conditions disable the modulation via the module's photo eye. If you have a bike that turns the high beam on in addition to the low bean when in the high beam position (instead of toggling between the two) only the high beam will modulate (low beam will be steady on).

Toggle Modulation ON or OFF at any time: With the Signal Dynamics Headlight Modulator you can easily toggle the modulation off and on by switching your bike's existing high/low switch to the opposite position and then back within 1 second. This is the only module on the market with this feature!

Auto Night Shut-Off The Plug & Play™ Headlight Module is designed to automatically turn on and off at specific light levels in order to comply with the DOT's regulation of no night time modulation.

Horn Alert Feature The headlight module has an input wire that attaches to your bikes horn wire (optional). When installed this feature will add a visual alert to your horn's audible alert during daytime conditions if you have the modulation toggled off. Pressing the horn will cause your headlight to modulate for 3 seconds and then return to steady on. This is the only module on the market with this feature!

Fitment & Required Harness Options

In order to use the Plug and Play™ Headlight Module you MUST also purchase the appropriate adapter harness for your motorcycle (sold separately unless you purchase the module / harness Combo). If you are unsure of which adapter harness your motorcycle needs, please refer to your owner's manual or local dealership to verify the type of headlight connector your motorcycle's headlight(s) have; alternatively you can view our compatibility chart to see what known motorcycles will fit our adapter harnesses, or email us a picture of your connector for identification.


First locate your headlight connector(s), (this may require some disassembly of your fairings). Next you will need to simply disconnect your existing headlight plug(s) and install our harness between between your bikes harness and your headlight. Then connect the 6 pin male connector from the adapter harness to the 6 pin female connector on the Plug & Play™ Headlight Module (this connector is polarized so it can only connect one way). Once everything is connected you will need to mount the optic sensor (grey or black wire with a photo eye on the end). We recommend mounting the optic sensor in a water protected area facing the road. Under the fairing pointed at the front fender is usually a good location. It is very important that the optic sensor is not facing toward the sky or directly at oncoming traffic, as headlights and street lights at night may cause the headlight module to activate. For those who would like a more permanent installation of the "Day Light Sensor", a 5/16 hole can be drilled into fairing. Otherwise, it can be secured to one of the bikes wires or cables with the zip tie. If you would like to utilize the horn feature use the included blue tap splice connector to connect the green wire from the harness adapter to the bike’s horn wire. The bike’s horn wire is the wire that connects the bike’s horn button to the bike’s horn. Note: there only two wires on the horn itself and one of them is where the green wire connects. Choosing the wrong wire will not harm the module or the bike in anyway; The horn feature will just not work. To finish mount the Headlight Module with the enclosed adhesive pad and secure all wiring in a manner that will not interfere with any of the bike’s controls. To test the module use an incandescent light source or move outdoors during the day - fluorescent shop lights and LED lighting will not activate the module.

Part Number: 01014
Weight: Less than 1lb
System Requirement: 12VDC(-)
Attachment Method: Included Double Sided Adhesive Pad
Height (in): 5/8"
Length (in): 2 1/4"
Width (in): 1 5/8"
Wire Length: 5"-6"
Plug Connector: 6 pin (plastic) Black - polarized

Material: Anodized Aluminum Case with Heat and Water Resistant Potting
Wire: 16AWG - 20AWG
Package Contents: (1) Plug & Play™ Headlight Module, (1) Adhesive Mounting Pad, (1) Tap Connector
Color / Finish: Black Anodized
Hardware Included: No
Connectors Included: Yes (1)
Tools Required: Zip tie(s) for optic sensor placement if you do not wish to mount in fairing
Waterproof: Yes (optic sensor is water resistant)
Water Resistant: Yes
Heat and Vibration Resistant: Yes
Companion Product(s): Choose 1 of 5 harness option (REQUIRED)



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