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BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module

RRP: $42.95
$37.95 (You save $5.00)

Product Description


The BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module automatically flashes your brake light(s) to capture the attention of following drivers and to make your motorcycle more visible. When installed, the motorcycle's brake light becomes significantly more noticeable because your brake light(s) will flash with your choice of 2 attention getting patterns. This module is designed to work with standard incandescent brake lights, LED brake lights, or a combination of both (up to 10amps).

Flash patterns to choose from
Mode 1: Causes your brake light(s) to automatically emit a visual alerting signal of 3-4 short light flashes, followed by 1 steady on light for 4 seconds. This signal automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are applied.

Mode 2: Causes your brake light(s) to emit 5 quick flashes, followed by a steady on light as long as you are stopped/braking.

These flash patterns are not random, but have been selected because of their ability to gain and retain following driver's attention. Most states drivers handbooks recommend that you flash your brakes when slowing or stopping. The BackOFF™ XP automatically facilitates compliance and enhances safety. Install the BackOFF™ XP and see how much more effective your brake light can be!

To install, wire the BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module in-line with your existing brake light wire. Locate your brake light wire and cut the wire into 2 (use a test light or multi-meter to find proper wire). Choose the mode you would like from the 2 available and connect the mode wire (red/white or white/red) to the wire leading to the rear of your bike, and connect the red wire from the module to the cut brake light wire leading toward the front of the bike. Tap the black wire from the module to a ground wire and read instructions below for the optional yellow wire. Finally peel the paper lining off of the double sided adhesive pad and mount the module to a clean, flat surface. (Be sure to cap off the unused mode wire)

Solder connections or use crimp connectors (not included)

Black wire: Ground
Red wire: Connect to brake light wire - leading forward (front of bike)

CHOOSE 1 MODE BELOW (CAP OFF UNUSED WIRE) Connect to brake light wire - leading back to the brake light (rear of bike)
Mode 1: White wire / Red stripe

Mode 2: Red wire / White stripe

Yellow wire: Motorcycle hazard flasher / Automotive flasher
Motorcycle: Connect to on/off fused switch and your battery for continuous hazard flashers when switch is on

Automobile: Tap wire to vehicles reverse light wire, causing center brake light to flash when in reverse

Part Number: 01004
Weight: Less than 1lb
Current Limit: 10 Amp Max per Output (up to 3 Standard Incandescent Bulbs/output)
System Requirement: 12VDC(-) 
Attachment Method: Included Double Sided Adhesive Pad 
Height (in): 5/8"
Length (in): 2 1/4"
Width (in): 1 5/8"
Wire Length: 5"-6"
Material: Anodized Aluminum Case with Heat and Water Resistant Potting
Wire: 16AWG - 20AWG
Package Contents: (1) BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module, (1) Adhesive Mounting Pad
Color / Finish: Black Anodized
Hardware Included: No
Connectors Included: No
Tools Required: Wire Cutters/Splices
Waterproof: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Heat and Vibration Resistant: Yes
Companion Product(s): n/a


Product Videos

Signal Dynamics Backoff XP on 06' Yamaha Warrior ()
  • Signal Dynamics Backoff XP on 06' Yamaha Warrior
  • 2008 Honda CRF 230L Back Off XP Tail light flasher
  • SDC Back-Off XP Brake Light Signal Module Installation On Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle
  • BackOFF-XP
  • Signal Dynamics Back Off XP Brake Light Modulator
  • Signal Dynamics: Back Off XP Brake Light Modulator

Warranty Information

Signal Dynamics Corporation warranties this product at time of purchase to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser. Signal Dynamics Corporation's obligation under the warranty is limited to repairing or exchanging the unit if the unit is returned with the postage prepaid to Signal Dynamics Corp. within 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty is void if the unit has been incorrectly installed, damaged, or tampered with. This warranty specifically limits Signal Dynamics Corporation's liability to unit replacement only and specifically excludes any consequential damage arising from use proper or improper or failure to properly function. A copy of your purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is required when applying for warranty consideration. See full Warranty and Return Policy!

Product Reviews

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  1. Installation 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jul 2016

    For some the unit would not perform in mode 1 after the initial test so I shifted to modec2 which worked as advertised. Would have returned item but was in a situation of cut wires, etc so I continued. Installation is rather straight forward.

  2. It works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2016

    This is the third bike on which I have installed Back-Off. Two weeks ago a motorcyclist in my town was rear-ended at a stoplight and killed. Made me realize how important Back-Off is, and I immediately ordered two for my two motorcycles, mine and my girlfriend's.

  3. Excellent! Works as described 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2016

    Great build quality. It is compact, so it is little to no impact on the space. Simple and easy instructions.

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riquDwUFQZY

    Thanks again!

  4. money well spent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2016

    damn good product.5 minute install,No damage to original wire harness.

  5. awesome! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2016

    Easy to install. All you need is your soldering tools to make the installation clean. All Yoy need to hook up are 3 wires which is ground, positive brake signal coming from the bike and wire the last wire to the brake light.

    I noticed that the brake lights are more brighter and it catches everyone's attention right away. I would probably purchase another one to install on my personal vehicles third brake light.

  6. Always be safe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2016

    Have you ever wanted to pulse your brake lights when coming to a stop fast to warn the drivers behind you, but you know on a bike or even in a car that is not always a safe option. The Backoff Modules will do this for you, just ride and drive normally and the module will do all the flashing for you as you use your brakes. There are options from constant flashing to flashing and being on steady. Either option you choose will greatly improve your visibility when braking. Also these units can be connected to brake lights that are on license plate frames so your normal brake lights will not be changed but your new license plate brake lights will flash giving you more visibility.

  7. Backoff XP Module review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2016

    This is the second one of these I have installed on different bikes. One under the back fender by the taillight and one under the seat. Fairly easy installation, good instructions, quality product. I like the idea of having options in how it operates the brake light.

  8. Easy Easy Install 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jan 2016

    Piece of cake to install, works great! Small enough to fit between the frame and the fender under the seat.
    2004 Vulcan Nomad

  9. TOO Many Distracted Drivers! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Nov 2015

    Have had on my motorcycle for 10 years (LED light). Put one on wife's Crossfire (for LED center brake light). 2 seater car w/short rear end, people always stopping too close, this will get more attention. Fellow "Forum" members have used a similar import, but I prefer to spend a little more for an original, made in USA.

  10. Keep Me Safe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Oct 2015

    Recognize the number of drivers that no longer are attentive to driving. You catch them stopped, coasting and at speed looking into their laps.
    I installed a 3rd, high mounted, well as high as you can get it on a '73 MGB GT along with your Back Off device. Installs in a snap and works like a champ. Will be installing on all of by daily drivers and my '71 MG Roadster when I can fabricate a 3rd light. Great product which will keep me and my family a bit safer out there on the by-ways.

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