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I have a very small headlight bucket (similar to a Harley Davidson Sportster’s headlight bucket size) on my motorcycle. Which adapter harness would you recommend to use?


In many cases where your headlight bucket cannot hold both the Headlight Module AND Adapter Harness, your motorcycle will need the Universal Adapter Harness (Part Number 01084). Both the module and harness will have to be mounted outside of the headlight bucket.Please note: the Universal Adapter Harness requires cutting and splicing into the factory wiring harness to install.

Which adapter harness do I need to go with the Plug & Play Headlight Module for my motorcycle?

We recommend first looking at our compatibility chart located under the Support Tab in the menu bar. Our compatibility chart lists MOST makes and models of motorcycles, and which adapter harness they will require.  Please note: the chart provided is not a complete listing of all makes and models. The chart is information that we have gather to the best [...]

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My motorcycle’s brake light wiring is only a two (2) wire system (power and ground), and the power wire is also doubles as my running light source. Do any of your BackOFF modules work with my brake light setup?

For that particular brake wiring setup, our BackOFF modules can work, but you would have to wire the BackOFF module to the brake SWITCH wire instead of the brake light wire. The brake light wiring is considered a “variable voltage system” in which partial power is sent through the brake wire to act as a running light. When signal is [...]

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What are the main differences between the BackOFF XP Brake Light Module, Part Number 01004, and the BackOFF Wig Wag Brake Light Module, Part Number 01009?

The BackOFF XP module works with a center dedicated brake light, but can also work on multiple brake lights (up to 10AMP, or up to three (3) standard 1156/1157 incandescent bulbs). The BackOFF Wig Wag module is meant for a pair (2) brake lights that are dedicated brake lights on (the brake lights can be running lights, BUT they [...]

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Are flashing brake light(s) technically “legal”?

Most (if not all) State motorcycle handbooks recommend that you pump your brakes to flash your brakes to increase rear end visibility while coming to a stop. Our BackOFF brake light modules automates this recommendation for you while you're stopped or stopping. Our BackOFF brake light modules automatically facilitate compliance with these State handbooks, and enhance safety and rear end [...]

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My vehicle does NOT have a center dedicated brake light. Can I install a brake light module on my combination brake light/turn signal lights?

Our BackOFF modules require a center dedicated brake light to function (or in the case of the Wig Wag module, two dedicated brake lights that do not double as your turn signals). If you install any of our BackOFF modules on your combination brake light/turn signal lights, it can confuse drivers behind you on which way you are turning because [...]

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How many brake light bulbs can I flash on the back of my motorcycle with your BackOFF brake light modules?

Our BackOFF brake light modules have a 10AMP limit per output. Typically, our modules will drive up to three (3) standard 1156/1157 incandescent bulbs. If you have a vehicle with more than three brake lights, we recommend only modulating two of these bulbs (typically the brakes that are more within line of sight of the driver behind you). It [...]

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Will the Original BackOFF Brake Light Module, Part Number 01001, work with LED brake light(s)?

We normally recommend our BackOFF XP Brake Light Module, Part Number 01004, instead for motorcycles with LED brake light(s). The BackOFF XP module works with both LED lighting or standard incandescent bulb(s), or a combination of both type of lighting. Because LED(s) draw less of a “load” of power through the system, our Original BackOFF Brake Light Module may [...]

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Can I use a brake light module on my turn signals?

No you cannot. If you have a brake light module installed on your brake light and turn signals, the flash pattern can be confusing to following vehicles when you are turning and braking at the same time, like at a red light.

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