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"It was an unusual case where when the brake light was lit the rt/frt turn light came on both on the dash and rt/frt itself. I had spent several hours running separate grounds and isolating lights eventually thinking it is most probably the Pentastar. I had not changed any wiring or done any recent electrical work and was hopeful that was the cause. Your phone operator was extremely polite when I called. He assigned an RMA and advised to ship it to you. After receiving it I received a call within a day or so that an overnight bench test could not duplicate the problem. I apologized for inconveniencing you thinking that was not the issue. I received it back priority mail in two business days and plugged it into the harness and it works perfectly. 

Thus, my reason for writing. None of you made me feel stupid and took my word for it that the Pentastar was likely bad even though it tested good. I was more than happy that you replaced the unit with a new one...and even WAY more than happy when it turned out that was the issue (I think).

I commend you guys for standing behind your product as well as your prompt service. I will be sure to post on our V8 blogs how exceptional you are.

BTW, I have used many of your products over the years and in fact just bought several back-off products and modulator for my Goldwing."

Satisfied Customer - C.S. | October 21, 2013